Get Involved

Want to join the orchestra? Send us an email with your name and instrument, and come check out our rehearsals every Friday from 5:30 to 8 in the Schoenberg Orchestra Room (Rm 1343).

Want to join choir? Send us an email and come to one of our rehearsals, which are every Friday from 5-7 in the Schoenberg Choir Room (Rm 1325).

Want to join chamber? Send us an email and fill out this form and we’ll get you up to speed!

Want to send in arrangements? Email us at!

*SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST HERE* (under construction)
You can also follow us on Facebook!

Game Music Ensemble at UCLA is our official page, with information about our performances and more. This is the best page to follow if you’re not a performer.

GME@UCLA: Players and Friends is the better page to follow if you are a performer because this is where anyone who’s ever been in GME can post to share events, opportunities, general information, and random fun stuff.